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Haiti Relief

"We raised two ($200) hundred dollars from the last fundraiser on 4/5/2010. Here is the receipt for the first fundraiser (below). We are going to use this receipt to send in the money from the most recent fundraiser."

       Haiti Relief

Dear Salsa Family:

Our efforts are going to support members of the church in Haiti mentioned below; here is a report from one of the parishioners:

To the SMBC Church Family: here is a report sent by Roger:
Today’s report from Rodne Romeus:
News is beginning to trickle in to Grand Bassin, Limbe, Camp Coq, and Cap Haitian about family members from these places who were living, working, or visiting in Port-au-Prince on Tuesday when the earthquake struck.

On Wednesday we learned about Joseph Algais, a member of Rodne’s church and a resident of Grand Bassin. He is the superintendent of schools for the entire Northeast department of Haiti. He was in Port-au-Prince Tuesday for a meeting. The building in which his meeting was being held collapsed. Today it has been confirmed that he died in the earthquake. Jon Rowell of Signal Mountain Bible Church had a good, long conversation with this man during the last trip.

Both Jon and Rodne say this man’s death is a tragic blow and will have a significant impact on the AMG educational ministry.

The family living just two houses away from the “guest house” in Grand Bassin had a son in Port-au-Prince. The family has learned that he died in the earthquake.

A young man who led the choir in Rodne’s church several years ago was in Port-au-Prince. His death in the earthquake has been confirmed.

The residents of Limbe are organizing a truck brigade to go to Port-au-Prince and bring home to Limbe all the Limbe family members who were in Port-au-Prince – the living and the injured. There is nothing left for them in Port-au-Prince.

Rodne will be needing money for medical supplies and food to provide for these “refugees” from Port-au-Prince. He does not want money sent to him until he returns to Haiti, however. He wants to first make sure that the banks in Limbe and Cap Haitian are operating normally and can arrange for our wire transfers to be correctly posted.

Roger Thomas
Thank you for being the wonderful people you are,

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