Salsa "on 2"

New York Style Salsa “On 2” (Mambo)

This course will teach you how to dance New York Style Salsa “On 2” or Mambo. The course will emphasize technique, timing, and “On 2” styling. Each class involves an aerobic portion (choreographed to music), which will include the drilling of basic footwork that is used in executing turn patterns with a partner. Also, students will learn individual footwork (dance moves done while apart) called “shines”, and turn patterns in New York Style Mambo.

Students will learn the Mambo (or On 2) basic, the difference between dancing on one and on two, and, how to identify the beat. Students will also learn upper body/arm Salsa styling. As the course progresses, students will be exposed to basic and intermediate figures or turn patterns with an increasing level of difficulty.

In addition, students will be exposed to technique that will set them on their way to being able to execute “New York Style” spins. This course is designed both for the On 2 dancer or beginner dancer that wants to learn/improve how to dance Salsa on 2 and the “On 1” dancer that has some experience. Come alone or bring a friend, but no partner is necessary.

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